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Linglong Tire remains one of the most influential brands in Asia in 2023

Hannover | Hong Kong, 15 October 2023 – At the end of September, the list of Asia's most influential brands of 2023 was published at the “Asia Brand Summit” in Hong Kong. A total of 500 brands from 20 countries and regions, including Linglong Tire, were honored at the 18th World Brand Lab summit themed “The Impact of New Technologies on Brand Transformation and Consumer Behavior.”

As a technology-oriented tire manufacturer, Linglong Tire believes that the development and strength of each brand is primarily based on research and development and excellent products. With the help of the latest scientific findings, Linglong Tire relies on technological progress and permanent quality improvements in order to achieve innovative ideas and developments in new segments and business areas in order to further increase the brand value and its own competitiveness. Linglong Tire takes advantage of the advantages of the digital revolution, for example by strategically optimizing all areas of production with the help of artificial intelligence.

User behavior and all important markets are analyzed in detail in order to continuously improve the own products and services using the latest scientific technologies, adapt them to the respective market needs and thus strengthen the Linglong brand. Linglong also relies on artificial intelligence in marketing: through big data analysis, filtering user tags or using predictive analysis, patterns and trends in user behavior are identified in a timely manner in order to create personalized marketing tailored advertising campaigns with the aim of significantly increasing brand perception and brand image.