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The Brand Value of Linglong Has Increased to Nearly RMB 70 billion yuan

The 19thWorld Brand Conference, hosted by World Brand Lab,was held in Beijing on July 26,2022.The 2022 China's 500 Most Valuable Brands list was releasedon this conference. Linglong Tireappeared on this list once again with a brand value of RMB 68.939 billion yuan,upnearly RMB10 billion yuanfrom the previous year.

The topic forthissummit is "Influence and Momentum: How to Rebuild the Brand Ecosystem."Pierre Chandon, Professor of Marketing at theINSEAD, indicated that brand influence and momentum are important for branding.

From 2021 to 2022, under theimpact of the global pandemicandindustrial transformation,Linglong Tire seeks breakthroughs and new growth through global layout promotion, technologicalinnovation,deep cultivation of sustainable development, multi-channel brand marketing, and new retail model innovation, maintaining a good development momentum.

With the company's new brand remodeling measuresfor consumersand market, Linglong hasachieveda win-win situation in both economic and social benefits in 2021, and its sales revenue in 2021 ranksamong thetop 12 global tire makers. Besides, it has been listed among Brand Finance's Top 15 Tyre Brands for many consecutive years

Faced with complicated and competitive market, only by enhancing the brand value can an enterprise bring about long-term and stable development.In the future, Linglong will continue to pay more attention to consumer needs, create new products, service solutions and marketing models, and create new growth opportunitiesto stimulate new vitality for brand development.